Is drain relining a long-term solution?

If you want to be sure that your drainage system is in the best possible condition, opting to have your drains relined is the perfect solution; however, will this prove a durable answer to fixing any cracks or holes that may be lurking in your drains?

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A long-lasting solution

Happily, once your drain is relined, you can look forward to around 50 years of security against cracks or ingress from tree roots. This means drain relining is certainly a very durable solution and one that works out as highly cost-efficient.

Perhaps best of all, having your drains relined will not result in having your beautiful lawn dug up by workmen; instead, most drain lining Gloucester can be carried out quickly and easily with minimum disruption. The team will access the drain via a manhole and apply the long, tubular drain lining, which is reinforced with resin for a long-lasting protective defence against any future damage.

You can learn more about the drain lining process here or from drainage specialists such as

Protect your home with drain maintenance

Today’s modern drain lining solutions are suitable for all sizes and diameters of pipes and can even work around bends due to their flexible nature. They are especially beneficial where traditional older clay pipes are installed, as the relining leaves them ready to last for 50 more years.

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It is easy to take our drains for granted, but keeping on top of drain maintenance can be the best approach. If you start to notice unpleasant odours or hear gurgling noises coming from your drains, the chances are that it is time to take action. By taking care of your drains, you can help to avoid costly and inconvenient problems down the line.

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