What are the main types of van?

There is little point in searching for used vans for sale Birmingham if you do not know what type of van will best suit your requirements. There are many different types on the market, and they all serve a specific purpose.
Choosing the right van for your needs requires a bit of time spent upfront on research, and this is where we can help. This article will provide a quick canter through the different vans available to help you select the most appropriate vehicle when you go van shopping at a specialist van provider such as https://cotswoldvancentre.co.uk/buy/used-vans-for-sale/birmingham/.

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Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are often favoured by forestry workers and landscape gardeners as they usually have 4WD and the open cargo bed is easily accessible.

Crew Cab Vans

Crew cab vans are designed to allow multiple people to be transported in a single vehicle with plenty of space for all of the tools and equipment that will be required on the job. It is important that tradespeople correctly classify their crew cab van to avoid tax penalties.

Luton, Panel and Box Vans

Luton, panel and box vans are available in different sizes and may or may not have racking or shelving fitted inside their box-shaped enclosed bodies. They are ideally suited to couriers and other delivery drivers as they can accommodate bulky loads. However, many other tradespeople such as electricians and plumbers also utilise these vehicles as they provide excellent protection from the elements and can accommodate large amounts of equipment.

Tipper Vans

Tipper vans have a long, open body that is attached to a separate cab. The body lifts to easily unload bulk materials. For this reason, they are popular in the building trade.

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Dropside Vans

Dropside vans also feature a long, open body attached to a separate cab. But, unlike a tipper, they are designed to transport palletised loads which will be lifted on and off by forklift, with a side being dropped for easy access.

Once you understand what different vans are available, you will enjoy choosing the one best suited to your individual circumstances.

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