Why is it important to update the CV?

update the CV

The CV is a living document, grows with you and feeds with your experiences. If you spent a lot of time in the past to elaborate it, congratulations, updating it will be very simple. If you did not do it, it’s time to get down to work, we have many useful tips and ideas. But do not let it die out of laziness if you really want to have options in a selection process.

Two compelling reasons to update the CV

  • Include all the recent info: This is the first reason, but not the only one. All the boxes that you have advanced in your professional career have to be transformed into lines of text on your CV. It is the most effective way for recruiters to find out about your progress. This will help you to improve your position in the vacancies to which you present yourself.
  • Recruiters access the most recent profiles: On many platforms, recruiters search for candidates only from the most recent profiles. It has a filter for them with this useful functionality. It is a way to ensure that the people you are going to contact for the selection process will be available.

update the CV

Update the CV in 5 steps

1) Add or readapt the bio of your profile: The profile bio is a small text that is usually included in the top part of the CV. It should not occupy too much, because it is that only by reading this fragment will you get an idea of your trajectory. So, summarize in an appealing way how you got to where you are and what your aspirations are. If you already included this section in the previous curriculum, relay it and verify that there is no substantial change that requires a modification.

2) Edit your previous works to be able to include the new ones: You need to include the latest experiences, but the CV has to remain a manageable document. If it occupies a page better than two; more you should not have. Discard the first experiences that are no longer relevant to your career. If you want to keep them, one way to save space is to bring them together in groups (under the name of “Coordination functions” or “Attention to the public”, for example) and make a list of the works in which you have developed these competences.

3) Includes new training and acquired skills and competences: As the professional career progresses, training becomes specialized and intermingled with the acquisition of skills and competences. Doing a course on a certain application is not only a formative achievement, it also acquires a new competence. That is why you need to renew the training section as well as the skills and competences section.

4) Do not forget to update all your digital profiles: Think that recruiters may access the profiles you have created on platforms and social networks. The lack of coherence between them can be seen as a careless way of proceeding. Once you have all the changes included in your CV, see profile by profile modifying the corresponding part. This will also help to position your candidacy better in these places, since the present is always rewarded.

5) Check the contact information once more: Review your contact information well and check that you will be accessible through them. That is, you cannot spend a whole week without checking the mail. Besides, add and update any link that appears.

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