How to make a curriculum vitae

How to make a curriculum vitae

Many people have doubts about how to make a curriculum vitae or they do it without taking any time to reflect on their professional project. The creation of a CV implies a time that must be invested to try to transmit the best possible image, looking for it to be clear and attractive for the recruiter. You must bear in mind that your Curriculum Vitae is the first contact of a worker with the company.

If you are wondering how to make a curriculum vitae you have to know exactly what a CV is, a document that presents the different professional and personal stages of a person. A Curriculum Vitae is divided into different parts: Personal Data, Professional Experience, Training and Interests. The CV should reflect the personality of the candidate to the job and also capture the attention of the recruiter.

How to make a curriculum vitae

Basic rules to know how to make a curriculum vitae

Some basic rules to make a professional Curriculum Vita that manages to capture the attention of the recruiter are the following:

  • The CV is your professional business card, so you should take care of its appearance and design.
  • The CV is not signed and does not include any date.
  • It should follow a chronology and should be easy to read and understand.
  • Avoid any misspelling.
  • The CV should highlight the key points of your profile
  • Use simple and short phrases. Keep in mind that the recruiter will take little time to review your Curriculum Vitae and it should be light and quick to read.
  • Try to be creative and distribute information strategically.
  • Include only that information that you think is useful and important.
  • Do not lie. A very common mistake is to fatten the Curriculum Vitae, something contraindicated since everything you include in your CV could be used during the interview, which could leave you in evidence, especially in matters such as language, if you are not able to Answer in a language that you put that you master. The same is applicable to other topics.
  • Do not be redundant and be clear.
  • Along with your Curriculum Vitae, it is advisable to add a cover letter.

How to make a curriculum vitae

Among the main sections that a Curriculum Vitae should have are the following:

  • Personal data and contact information.
  • You will add the languages you speak, the computer programs and skill you have and other important skills.
  • Professional experience. In this section you will include, chronologically, all the professional experience you have, indicating the companies in which you have worked, the time in which you have done it and the positions held, as well as the tasks that are outstanding.

Academic training:

Includes all the training that you have received and that is relevant, as well as the years in which you have completed them and the title obtained.

How to make a curriculum vitae

Your interests:

 Your interest should be relevant to the CV, such as sports activities, charitable works, hobbies, etc.

Following these guidelines, you will know how to make a curriculum vitae for the recruiters of the companies that offer employment.

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