The Myths of ireland

Of all the nations of The world surely Island contains more myths and legends than many others put together.  It’s no surprise why the island itself is one of mystery and mysticism despite having a very strong deeply religious background with its faith in Roman Catholicism.  Its more Pagan centred stories have endured, especially with the introduction of St Patrick in many of them. One of the cultural aspects of the Irish is their ability to tell a good story and they certainly have many written within their ancient myths.

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This mysticism and traditionalism is apparent in many elements of their lives today.  For example the aran sweater  and its cabling is purported to be and the example of the Celtic knot sewn into the very clothing itself.  Unfortunately, this is not completely correct, it is actually a design that was given to them by the people of Guernsey. There are beautiful examples of the aran sweater style at

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A visit to Ireland is a confirmation of why the stories and myths have grown so strongly.  It is a beautiful green land with a rugged coastline and sweeping romantic hills and mountains.  Also due to a combination of social and cultural factors many Irish people have left the land to populate the wider world.  They took with them their culture and their stories which struck a chord with many people around the world that they joined and mingled with.  This allowed the legends to remain with us and entertain us to this day.

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