Buying a plot of land and building your own Timber Frame Construction home

The current financial crisis has hit families hard, with mortgage rates rising and rental prices skyrocketing, trying to find the perfect home for a family to live in happily is proving incredibly difficult. Thinking “Outside of the Box” and finding more unconventional ways of providing the perfect property has a fairly logical and simple solution.  Buying a plot of land and building your own Timber Frame Construction home, may seem a little daunting but working together with a professional, experienced company like will ensure you get the perfect property for you and your family.  The quintessential English wooden country cottage that can be constructed from a special kit available from a reputable and knowledgeable company who specialise in providing these bespoke timber frame kits.

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Immerse yourselves in nature and enjoy the “Good Life”, and your children will grow up respecting wildlife, happy and healthy because they will enjoy the freedom of having access to the great outdoors, fields and woods.  The clever construction of these natural timber frames allows for a higher EPC rating because of the higher quality of insulation provided. The positive benefits for the environment and you are that these buildings reduce your carbon Footprints and your energy bills.

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You can now achieve the dream, building your own home can be a reality, just speak to the company with years of experience in this field of expertise and make your dreams come true.

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