Buying and Redeveloping Contaminated Land

Land is something that is in short supply in the UK and in order to get land that is needed for homes or businesses, it is often the case that you will need to use land that has been previously used for something else. Land that has been used before, especially for industrial reasons, is often contaminated.

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Land that can cause significant harm to the environment, to humans and to property is classed as contaminated land, and there are a wide range of things that can be causing the contamination. This could be substances such as oils and gases, or materials such as asbestos. It could even be caused by certain invasive plants, such as Japanese Knotweed, which is harmful to the environment due to its vigorous growth.

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Materials that are dangerous should always be cleared up by a professional like this contaminated land remediation company https://soilfix as they require specialist skills and equipment to handle them safely, as well as to ensure that there are no traces of them left behind that could go on to cause harm.

An incentive to buy land that has been contaminated and clear it up to redevelop, is land remediation relief, that was brought in by the Government in 2009. This enables property developers and businesses who have bought contaminated land to claim back the money that is spent on removing any hazardous materials and contaminants from the land that they have bought.

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