Creating a stylish well lit home

When thinking about lighting for your new property don’t just rush into a decision before thinking about all the elements that a well lit home should incorporate. Electricity is expensive so consider energy saving light options, such as classic and stylish Downlighters fitted with energy saving bulbs and Thermahood Downlight Covers, from an expert such as Especially if you are trying to find the best lighting to use in an attic or loft, professionally fitted Downlighters with their protective covers could be the ideal choice. Reducing the possibility of condensation and draughts, improving the air quality, and increasing safety by decreasing the risk of accidental fires, (because they are made with flame retardant materials), starting with Christmas decorations being attached to any ceiling lights.

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Manufactured in England by a specialist, these bespoke covers can be fitted easily and quickly, no need for expensive installers, they help reduce noise escaping through the Downlight itself and help to stop insects entering any living areas this way as well. Not only do the covers look elegant and stylish they help your property meet building standards requirements. Maximising your energy savings and cutting electricity costs these sleek and stylish covers help save money on utility bills as well as looking fabulous.

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Did you know that sales of the old fashioned and out of date Halogen lights have been banned in Europe and the United Kingdom, partly due to poor efficiency?  Fit LED Lamps together with Thermahood Downlight Covers for maximum energy savings.

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