Ten things you should never put down your drains

From time to time, everyone has put things down the drain in their home which they shouldn’t. Pressure can cause damage and require drain lining in Oldbury or elsewhere. Here are ten things you should avoid.

1-Oils and Fats

Oil and fats from food can combine with other items and cause blockages. They can also cause problems outside your home. In recent years there have been many reports of enormous ‘fatbergs’ clogging up the sewers in major cities around the world.

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Eggshells can break up into very small fragments and mix with any oil or fat in your drain pipes and cause blockages.

3-Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds do not dissolve in water. Putting them down the sink means they can combine with any lingering oil or fat and cause a backup in the pipe.


Grease will act like fat and cling to the insides of your pipes. Over time, this can combine with things like eggshells or coffee grounds to cause a blockage.

5-Paper Towels

As paper towels are designed to dry hands and remain strong in contact with liquids, they are not suitable for flushing down the toilet as they can cause an obstruction in your drains. If you have a drain that needs repairing, consider drain lining Oldbury as a cost-effective solution.

6-Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes may be marketed to be safe to put down the toilet, but they can take a long time to break down and can get caught in your pipes.

7-Sanitary products or nappies

These products should always be put in a bin and never in your toilet as they will not break down in the water as toilet paper does.

8-Pasta and Rice

Food like pasta and rice will continue to absorb water after cooking and can expand in your pipes.

9-Candle Wax

Candle wax will harden when cooled and coat the inside of your pipes.

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Stickers from fruit or labels from packaging can fall into the sink and cause a blockage as they will not break down in contact with water.

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