How to learn English easily with superheroes series

How to learn English easily

How to learn English easily with superheroes series… sounds crazy but it really helps.  Besides learning languages, what I like to do most is watch movies and series of superheroes. Why? Because I would like to be able to throw things through the room with my mind or teleport from one place to another so I do not have to drive there (traffic jams are the worst). If you think like me, keep reading.

How to learn English easily with superheroes series

How to learn English easily

1. Titans

The new DC superheroes series is Titans, a bold version of the classic Teen Titans series. Batman’s former partner, Dick Grayson (the first Robin) runs a trio of superheroes – the temperamental Kory/Starfire, the shifting Gar / Beast Boy and the creepy demon girl Rachel/Raven – on a quest to discover why people are chasing. And they fight crime along the way.

2. Daredevil

Much better than the film version of Ben Affleck (sorry, Ben), this dark series was the first Marvel collaboration with Netflix that debuted in the streaming service. Matt Murdock is a young blind lawyer who realizes he has super-senses, which he uses to fight organized crime in the district of Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Pay attention to the New York accent.

3. Heroes

She has her years, but she is good. Several normal people from different parts of the world discover that they have superpowers and must avoid a global catastrophe. The story gets a bit silly after the first season, but it’s entertaining and has a varied cast with different accents of English, so it’s worth seeing this kind of superheroes series.

How to learn English easily

4. The Flash

People were skeptical when this series was announced about one of DC Comics’ most famous heroes, but it turned out to be an entertaining journey full of iconic characters and a lot of superhero action. If you want a simple argument, not to mention the American accent, this is your series.

5. The Gifted: the elect

If you are a fan of the X-Men, of Marvel Comics, you will enjoy this series. It is set after the mysterious disappearance of the team of superheroes, which made the other mutants have to fend for themselves. Add some references to characters from the X-Men of the last 50 years, in addition to easy-to-understand dialogues, and you’ll have the perfect superheroes series.

6. Agents of SHIELD

It is Marvel’s main television series and was initially based on the success of the Avengers movies. This series tells the adventures of the secret agents of the covert SHIELD organization, who work with both superhumans and against them to protect the world. As with The Gifted, the language is simple and easy to understand (although they like to invent many scientific things, so do not bother learning that).

How to learn English easily

7. Legion

This superheroes series revolves around David Haller, who (SPOILER) is a mutant with multiple personalities, each with their own superpowers. It is related to the world of the X-Men, but only unofficially. With a unique retro-modern touch and complex characters, to match the script, it is one of the most difficult series to understand on this list. Perfect for advanced level students.

8. Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce is a retired superhero named Black Lightning, who has the power to generate electricity. You must return to action when a criminal gang attacks your community. It is entertaining, light and as easy to see as it is to understand.

9. Cloak & Dagger

It is another awesome superheroes series. If you’re a fan of teenage dramas, here’s the equivalent of superheroes. Tandy and Tyrone are two high school students from New Orleans who discover they share a traumatic experience, not to mention the opposite superpowers. Anguish in abundance.

10. Supergirl

It is a long-awaited superheroes series about the life of Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, who defends the world against superhuman threats and whose personal life is equally dramatic. Like most series on our list, it’s not very hard to understand, so it’s perfect for learning English, no complaints!

So if you want to know how to learn English easily watch superheroes series. It is my recommendations for the students who are taking English language class.

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