10 reasons to learn French

reasons to learn French

If you want to know the reason to learn French you have an opportunity like never before thanks to the services of the language academies, which currently allow you to learn according to your availability, your learning capacity and in a way adapted to your needs.

Discover the countries where French is spoken Did you know that currently, more than 220 million people in the world speak French?

reasons to learn French

Ten reasons to learn French

There is no doubt that the reasons to study the language of our neighboring country are many more, and even to this we should add your own personal or work interests or tastes. However, here we are going to focus on what we consider the most important.

1. Countries where French is spoken

The French language is spoken in many more places than in neighboring France. The countries where French is spoken include Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and a good number of countries and regions of the continent of Africa. This supposes a wide fan at the time of looking for employment abroad.

You do not have to go to the city of love to practice one of the most romantic languages in the world.

2. It is one of the languages spoken around the world

It is estimated that some 200 million people dominate French throughout the five continents, speaking in up to 68 states. And this language is after English is the most studied language in the world. Reasons to learn French is you can learn it almost anywhere.

3. Music and movies to learn French

We give you the best reasons to learn French. Do you like watching movies on VOS? Activate the subtitles in French and you will practice the writing of the language.

Despite the predominance of English and Spanish in culture, French is the international language for the fields of cooking, fashion, theater, and dance and even in some circles of the world of cinema. In addition to enjoying more in its original version, you can use movies to learn French, as well as novels and stories of great writers in this language or songs whose lyrics are sung in French.

reasons to learn French

4. The ideal language to travel

As you already know, France is one of the most visited countries in the world. Up to seventy million people come every year. There is no doubt that visiting Paris is much more pleasant and useful if you already have some command of the language. This country has some of the most interesting tourist areas in the world, such as the Cote d’Azur or the area of the Alps.

The culture of France is also very interesting and more enjoyable if you know the language. Here you got another best reasons to learn French. And do not disdain other destinations abroad, such as Monaco, the Seychelles, or Canada, among many others.

Discover the countries where French is spoken Behind Spanish, French is one of the most spoken languages throughout the world. Do not you want to dare to start practicing it?

5. The possibility of studying at prestigious universities

Knowing the French language you will be able to study in France, which has some of the most prestigious universities and higher engineering and commerce colleges with the highest rating among the education centers of its kind in the whole world.

If you master the language enough, the French government gives you the possibility of accessing scholarships for the study of third cycles in your country, regardless of the discipline you choose. The degree you get will serve as accreditation at the international level.

Think about learning French Nice is one of the most chosen destinations in summer to study French. You will love its beaches and its pleasant temperature.

reasons to learn French

6. Language in international relations

In organizations such as the UN, the European Union, UNESCO and NATO, among others, French is the language with which we work, and even the official language. This is because it is the natural language of the main European venues, namely Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Brussels.

7. An opportunity to open relationships with the world

Countries, where French is spoken. Brussels is a French-speaking city located in Belgium ideal for learning the language. This is because it is an economic destination and is also close to our country.

French is the third most used language on the Internet, even ahead of Spanish. Interacting with French speakers from different parts of the world is a good way to open up to the world. In addition, you can be aware of the news of the world from the main news media, because some of the most important are French.

8. You learn very easily

French is a language that is learned with a lot of comfort and fun ways. Because it is assimilated in a very natural way. It will not take you long to communicate in French fluently.

9. It serves to learn new languages

The Spanish pronunciation is more difficult because of the phonological differences of the two languages. But everything is possible!

If you start to master French, you will be able to learn other Latin languages much more easily, such as Portuguese, Romanian or Italian. English also has much in common with the French language; up to 50% of its vocabulary comes from French.

reasons to learn French

10. It is an accurate language in feelings and ideas

The language of France is well known for being one of those that best represent the details of human thought and emotions. For something, it is known as the language of love. However, it also helps to develop critical thinking, which helps express ideas more efficiently and intelligently.

Now you have enough reasons to learn French. Do you know someone who is still thinking about it? Convince him with these reasons!

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