What are the qualities of a great receptionist

Receptionists are incredibly important to any business and not only do they show visitors to the Reception Chairs that you can buy from https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/ , but they also act in other administration roles. Here are some of the qualities of a great receptionist.

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Positivity – The optimistic attitude of a receptionist shows future and current clients that the company is interested in them and their needs and their across loud and clear, whether over the phone or in person. Callers are said to be able to tell when a person is smiling on the phone, and they can certainly tell when they’re not.

Organisational skills – A receptionist must be able to work independently, keep themselves on track. The ability to prioritise is important, as regular multi-tasking is required for the nature of the work. A receptionist must type correspondence, respond to company emails, and answer questions from individuals on the phone and in person, in addition to answering the phone and receiving messages and greeting any visitors to the company building.

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Use of technology – a variety of technologies and software are often used by receptionists. Typically, phone systems have more than one line and different features. Computer skills, particularly word processing and e-mail, are a must. Receptionists who are also familiar with spreadsheets, desktop publishing or other applications unique to the industry often find it easier to hit the ground running when they take on a new position.

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