The cathedral city of Hereford and the importance of organised bookkeeping there.

Located in the county town of Herefordshire and lying directly next to the magnificent River Wye is the cathedral city of Hereford.  Only sixteen miles from the Welsh border it has a population of over fifty-three thousand inhabitants.  Hereford is well known for its beef cattle, beer, cider, sausage rolls, leather goods and its association with the British Army and especially the elite Special Air Services or S. A. S. who were based in the city from 1960 – 1999.   Keeping accurate, well organised, well executed records has been and remains of great importance to the individuals and businesses that live and work there.  Professional companies such as who are specialist Bookkeepers Hereford can provide bespoke, accurate, confidential bookkeeping services and have a long list of very satisfied clients to testify on their professional abilities.

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In 2008 a new and exciting partnership was formed between the NHS Herefordshire and the local council, the first authority in the country to form this type of alliance. Of course, all meetings and discussions between the two had to be recorded and intricate details taken of any discussions and decisions, these important notes also had to be accurately entered into booking records.

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In 1930 a local resident named John Edward Masefield was awarded the Freedom of the city and in 2010 another local named Graham John Turner was also awarded this high honour, all their details and the reasons for their nominations has also been carefully and pains-takingly recorded with accurate bookkeeping.

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