Where do finance professionals look for work?

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies have a good network of local interim finance professionals. Eight out of ten industry professionals currently work with a recruiter, as they are able to find multiple opportunities for skilled workers. Only 52% of hiring managers do this. To explore the benefits of working with an Accountancy Recruitment Agency, consider a site like https://talentfinance.com/

Online job boards

71% professionals search for jobs on online job boards. This is especially popular in areas with talent shortages at the junior and mid-management levels. Only 28% of businesses use this channel.

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62% of accounting and financial professionals are using LinkedIn to search for new job opportunities, either through job ads or by leveraging their existing connections. Only one third of employers are searching for talent through LinkedIn.

Temporary or contract positions

Nearly half (49%) of professionals are flexible enough to work in temporary, interim, or contract roles while continuing their search for permanent positions, whereas more than four out of ten prefer to do contract work on their own. Over 60% look for contract resources.

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Other industries

The number of candidates (46%) who are looking to move into other industries, where their skills may be transferable, is increasing. This indicates a dissatisfaction level with their current employer within the accounting and financial sector. This is why finance companies must work harder to attract and retain the best financial professionals.

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