How to create a web page and make money with it?

How to create a web page

The economy has changed. There are different ways of doing business. Now the business has turned from traditional sales in physical stores to using social networks to promote and sell products and services to their followers. In that sense, one of the questions you can ask yourself is how to create a web page and make money with it?

How to create a web page, practically a necessity

We live in the age of interconnection. We have access to the world with the tips of our fingers, and for those who want to venture into these spaces, creating a web page becomes practically a necessity. Since having a website promotes accessibility to what is offered (information, services, products, etc.), technically, at any time that is needed.

It is for this reason that the development of a web page becomes practically a necessity. Because if you want to be part of the digital age, although social networks occupy a space of great relevance in the context of human interactions, it is no less true that they are specific or momentary. While a website, they are more permanent and recurring.

The logic of all this is that in a social network you see what appears when you go through the news, or when you directly access a profile, while in the case of a page, you can try different aspects of the same topic and that this is found in the different web search engines.

How to create a web page?

How to create a web page

Creating a web page is not quantum physics or spatial mathematics. It is easier than you think. In fact, there are websites that allow you to create your own page using the “drag and drop” model where you can put and remove items to your liking and according to your standards.

This has two aspects, one free and one paid. In the market, there are countless places where you can create a free website. In fact, one of the emblematic websites for this is Wix, a high-quality platform where you can set up your page in a matter of minutes and be online with immediate access.

While on the payment side, there are other variants. But in essence you need two things: 1- URL and 2- Hosting; in the case of the first is the address of your online space and hosting is the virtual place where you have it. In other words, it is the number of your house (URL) and the land where you build it (hosting).

Create a website in WordPress

It is one of the easiest platforms for them who want to know how to create a web page. It allows a series of facilities so that, literally, anyone has a web page. As I said, there are other options, but with the flexibility and versatility of WordPress, as far as I know, there is no other.

That is why my recommendation is that you do it through this CRM platform, which will allow you to develop a web page quickly and easily. You can do it directly in or through a separate hosting that allows you to install the platform and manage it for free.

Developing your website

Starting from what it implies in terms of requirements and that WordPress represents one of the best options to carry out your project. It’s time to develop your website project. I assume that at least you have an idea, however vague, of what you are looking for.

However, the ideal is that you feel and think of two things:

1- The theme of your page and 2- How you want it to look.

This is called an interface, and so you do not get complicated, it is that you visualize what you want your page to have and how you want it to be distributed.

The advantage is that for this there are templates or themes that can be adjusted to practically all tastes, colors and flavors, that’s why you do not have to worry. However, to the extent that you do more specific things, obviously, it would imply a specialization level, that you would have to hire a professional, but in the same way, you can find good professionals at affordable prices.

How much does a web page cost?

Before going into the matter of how to create a web page, we want to say there are ways you can make money with a web page. One of the questions that is almost always present is what it implies, in terms of money, to create a website. In fact, disinformation in this type of subjects causes people to buy unnecessary things, while others stop buying what they really need.

In that sense, creating a web page costs around USD 80 to USD 120. This comes from the hand of some variables, but this is the general expectation of investment that you will do, at least during the first year of your website.

This investment includes the hosting you can use, the URL and a payment template. Although this is very variable, since usually when you buy the hosting comes with the URL included and this type of services costs between USD 5 and USD 12 per month, and if you add a payment item, which costs between USD 20 and USD 50 then you have the average that I just gave you.

How to make money with a web page?

After knowing how to create a web page, now we enter the million dollar question, how to make money with a web page. To answer it we have to start from the fact that all commercial activity involves the exchange of a good or service for money. Therefore, you have to offer something to get paid for that.

From that perspective, you have to think, initially, what product or service you can market. In that sense, you must define if it is local (focused on your country only) or global (the rest of the world). In the first case (local) you can cover face-to-face products or services as virtual, while on the opposite side, your focus is more towards the virtual, for a logical issue, physical distance.

To all this, you do not have to see the concept of product or service in the traditional way. But you have to expand your horizons to meet needs. In other words, if you have an internal tourism blog for your country, for example, that will replace the need for references so that whoever visits you has an idea of ​​which destination to go to. And within this, I share some of the many alternatives to earn money through a web page.

Contextual Advertising

The fastest and easiest way to earn money through the creation of a website is with contextual advertising, which although read as something highly sophisticated, is not. This type of advertising is provided, primarily by the AdSense platform which, based on Google’s algorithm, shows what people are looking for.

In other words, it identifies the browsing behavior and, depending on it, shows what is supposed to be of interest to that person. So that incentive to click on advertising and that has as a consequence that you earn money.

Therefore, your only responsibility is to bring people to your website. As more people get to it, more money you earn. At the beginning it is a bit frustrating because you do not earn much, however, as time goes by and visits increase, these amounts are growing and you can get to the point where you can have good advertising income.

Direct Advertising

This is a bit more difficult, but not impossible. In fact, there are several websites that have managed to sell all their advertising space. But for that, like contextual advertising, you need a lot of traffic. And this translates into more than one hundred thousand visits per month, so that you are attractive (to) the brands to advertise on your page.

It is for this reason that it is more difficult. Because companies usually handle this type of negotiations with agencies, although they may have advertising departments that approach you directly, this is rare.

In that sense, you can do two things: 1- You approach directly to that company that is according to the theme of your website and you present an exposure plan, or 2- You create a good audience and naturally there will be publication offers.

Affiliate program

The affiliate programs in essence what they do is allow people with websites to promote the products or services of other people or companies in exchange for a commission for sales. In other words, if you develop sufficient authority or validation with your audience when recommending this or that product or service, this person is more likely to acquire it and that translates into profits for you.

Now, beware of this, because in this business model your credibility is the most important. It’s even more than the product or service that you are promoting. Because it does not matter how many visitors come to your website, in a matter of days everything can disappear. Therefore, recommend what you know or at least have a good reference.

Since on the internet anything can go viral and if it is because of something that you promoted, that does not have good references then that affects your audience, therefore, before agreeing to this type of agreements, you must first be sure (a ) that what you publish meets the need of the public to which you are doing the promotion.

Digital products

Finally, there is one of the easiest and most difficult ways to make money with your website at the same time that you can develop. Easy because it has to do with an intangible product, that you only do once and that you do not have to be present to sell it. While the hard part is, obviously, selling it.

In that sense, the best way you can carry it out is with the assistance of web positioning (SEO) and digital marketing. For this, you can learn it yourself, or hire the services of a professional in these areas. If you do it on your own, since there are endless options and courses to learn, you have to know what is the learning curve and the mistakes of learning something new.

While if you hire someone, the issue is that you have to pay him to do his job. Therefore, you have to evaluate which of the two options suits you best. You can do a combination of both, documenting and contracting, or do one first and another later. No hurry. The important thing is that if you make a digital product (eBook, Course, Webinar, etc.) you have to make it known so you can market it.


Knowing how to create a web page is one of the smart decisions if you want to make money online. There are several alternatives that you can use, however, when creating a website you have the advantage, not only of an online presence but that you create the recurrence of the public to this place where you sell goods or services to the public.

All this can involve an investment between USD 80 and USD 120, but you can optimize by earning money with contextual advertising, direct mail, affiliate program and digital products. Which will require you to spend time (learning) and money (hiring professionals)

Therefore, I invite you to venture to create a web page and if this entry could serve as a point of reference, share the information. I would like to know your thinking about it.

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