Top 5 West Jobs in 2022

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Some jobs are necessary, but not exactly pleasant. Here are some of them, following analyses from best online casino real money.

5. Cleaner

According to Indeed, the average cleaner in Canada earns $16.24 per hour. Cleaners can work for a company or independently and often have to clean other people’s homes, properties, or businesses. They wash windows, dust, clean bathrooms, wash walls, lean rugs, and vacuum. Consequently, their job can be physically exhausting. Cleaners also use many cleaning chemicals, which can be toxic, and are constantly exposed to waste products, dust, mold, allergens, and more. This can create a health hazard.

4. Personal Care Attendant

Personal care attendants average $20.01 an hour. Their job includes providing care and support to individuals in hospitals, assisted living facilities, or private residences. On a normal day, they dress wounds, help their clients dress, bathe, use the bathroom, and more. They also sometimes feed their clients, help them with physiotherapy, cook, clean, and administer medication. Because they must meet their client’s every need, this job is very physically demanding and stressful. It can also put personal care attendants in uncomfortable situations, which could be made worse by rude and demanding clients, courtesy of usa casinos online.

3. Manual Scavenger

Sanitation workers are often underappreciated and overlooked although they perform a very crucial role in society. Manual scavengers work in some of the filthiest work environments of any professional on this list. Typically, they clean and repair sewer lines, clean latrines and railroad tracks, empty septic tanks, and more. Their direct contact with human waste also makes them vulnerable to several diseases, and they work with toxic chemicals all day. All of this is then coupled with solitude and social humiliation or stigma from people who find manual scavenging degrading work. Fortunately, the pay is better than the national average at $58,660.

2. Mortuary Attendants

Mortuary attendants receive and process corpses in hospitals and funeral homes. They see everything from the bodies of dead children and fresh corpses to mangled, decayed, and burned ones. Consequently, their job can be traumatizing and often requires a lot of strength. Embalmers, for instance, must clean bodies, preserve, and prepare them for cremation or burial, which can take a toll on them psychologically and emotionally over time. The scenes and smells can also be aggravating. Despite these harrowing conditions, the average embalmer makes $36,000 a year.

1. Logger

Logging has been called one of the worst jobs in the world because of the high-risk factors. In 2017, the logging industry recorded 350 nonfatal and 55 fatal injuries. To curb this problem, more logging companies are adopting automation to replace by-hand loggers, and logging jobs are expected to decrease by 12.6 percent by 2026. This physically demanding job also offers low wages.

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