Creating your Own Garden Patio

Designing your own garden means that you can create an outdoor space that is perfectly suited to you, your home and your needs. There are lots of things that you can do to improve your garden and make it a place that you like to spend time in.

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Although winter is not a time when as much needs to be done when it comes to plants, it is a good time to get on with those garden projects, ready for spring and summer when you can enjoy them.

Patios are a popular addition to a garden, as they allow you to have a space for seating and entertaining, and there are so many styles, shapes and sizes of patio that you can more or less design exactly what you want. However, when there is so much on offer, it can be hard to make a choice, and the first thing to consider is what materials you will use to create your patio. Of course, you will need to order your concrete from somewhere like this concrete Cheltenham based company, but what material can you use on top of it? Here are some of the most popular options…

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Granite – For a hardwearing and modern look, then go for granite.

Limestone – If you want a patio with a natural appearance then limestone is the perfect choice.

Slate – If you want a bold and dark look that stands out and makes a real feature of the patio, then slate is a great choice.

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