How to prevent boiler issues over the summer

With the warmer weather, most households find that they are no longer relying on their central heating system for warmth. This means that boilers are switched off or remain unused until the autumn and winter periods.

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British Gas recommends turning your boiler off during the summer months when not in use. But they also state that the boiler should be run periodically to check for any issues, ideally for 15 minutes at least once a month.

How can I avoid boiler issues?

Ensure that your boiler is serviced and maintained, even when out of use during the summer months. This will identify any potential issues, which can be fixed before they get worse and before the cold weather arrives.

Boiler manufacturers generally state that annual servicing should be carried out in order to validate the warranty on your boiler. Taking the time to do this in the summer months may ensure that you have the protection of a warranty, should issues with your appliance occur.

Periodically testing the boiler function by occasionally turning it on, ensures that any issues can be identified and repaired before the boiler is in use frequently.

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If boiler repair costs are worrying, taking out insurance for boiler cover and repair during the summer months is always a good idea so that you have a policy in place if you should need it.

The area where your boiler is situated should always be kept clear, even during the summer months when not in use. Removing clutter and clearing debris ensures that the boiler has adequate ventilation, a necessity if it is to be kept running optimally and without issue.

What to do if you notice an issue

You should always ensure that any repairs, servicing, or maintenance of your boiler are carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. For details on how to get a boiler repair  Gloucester, visit a specialist such as

Boiler servicing should be a priority, not only ensuring the lifespan of your appliance but also checking that it is safe.

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