Mighty Monmouth, Leading The Way with Sustainable, Creative Architecture

With a population of only just over 10,000 local inhabitants the Market town of Monmouth in the County of Monmouthshire in Wales is home to a fairly small and tight-knit community of individuals, couples and families living together in harmony within this rural landscape. Although the town may be small, Mighty Monmouth as it’s known locally, is leading the way when it comes to sustainable, creative, energy efficient architecture.  A professional, experienced, award-winning, locally based, Monmouth Architect such as https://www.hillsandcompany.co.uk/ is ensuring that future designs for residential and commercial properties are created using renewable and sustainable building products, blend into the natural environment and are affordable for the younger generation of Monmouthshire Adults desperately wanting to purchase a property in their own area.

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Encompassing as much natural light as possible and using energy efficient and renewable forms of heating and lighting, these designs are innovative, blend into the natural environment and are created with the local community in mind. Located just two miles from the Welsh, English border and a mere thirty-six miles from Cardiff, the Welsh Capital, the tight-knit community of proud Welsh home and business owners take their responsibilities seriously when it comes to the Environment, Global Warming and Climate Change.

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Being situated where the River Wye joins the River Monnow, Monmouth is a popular place to live, work and raise a family, recently voted the happiest place to live in Wales.

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