The Cons to Think About Before Moving to the Countryside

Rural life might be something that seems like a dream, and if you are a city dweller and you are thinking of moving out to the countryside, it is important to be aware of the cons as well as the pros before you make the decision to go for it.

It can be a big adjustment when you have lived in an urban environment for a long time, and here are some of the things to think about before you decide to make such a big change….

Distance from Facilities – One of the first things to consider, is the distance from the facilities you need, such as the supermarkets and shops as well as entertainment, work and schools for children. It can take a lot longer to get things done so do factor this in.

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Mobile and Internet Signal – Services that keep you connected are much less reliable in the more rural areas. Internet and mobile phone signals can be less reliable. Some people who live remotely opt for a multi network sim card like this to help them get a decent signal.

Reduced Public Transport – If you are reliant on public transport, then the countryside life might not be ideal for you. There are very few public transport services in more rural areas and people living in the countryside are reliant on their cars.

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Less Employment Available – Unless you have a job lined up, it is worth looking at what opportunities are in the area. This applies for children too who may need to move away after finishing education in order to find suitable employment.

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