Signs That You Might Have Compacted Ear Wax

Ear wax is an important part of our bodies and helps the ears to clean themselves out. Wax also stops things that could harm the inner ear getting in and is an important part of our bodies natural defence system.

However, sometimes ear wax can cause problems. Some people are more susceptible to wax build up than others, for example, older people and people who have smaller inner ear tubes.

When the wax builds up and becomes compacted, it then can cause issues in the ear, and you need to go to a professional like this ear wax removal company to get the compacted wax removed.

Here are some of the signs of compacted ear wax that you might have…

Loss of Hearing – Hearing can degrade as people age, but it is important to have it checked regularly and to go to a doctor if you notice any significant hearing changes. Hearing loss is also a common sign of ear wax build up.

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Tinnitus – A ringing, buzzing or whistling noise in the ear is known as tinnitus. It can be caused by exposure to loud noises or ear infections, but it can also be caused by earwax blockages.

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Infections – Having a lot of ear infections can often be a sign of compacted ear wax, as the ears are not able to clean themselves.

Pain in the Ear – Another common sign that your ear may be blocked with wax is pain deep in the ear. This can also be around the jaw and in the head.

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