Which materials are not suitable for the dryer

  1. Products that contain lycra, such as bras, sportswear, and swimwear
    Never dry bras, swimwear, or gym clothing in the dryer. Lycra and other materials that are elastic in nature may be great to wear but don’t work well when dried. High temperatures will damage your clothing’s fabric, causing it to break down.

High dryer temperatures may also cause damage to the waterproofing properties of swimwear (also true for jackets that are waterproof). If you need them to be dried quickly and have a dryer with the lowest temperature, remove your clothes when they are still wet.

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  1. Silks and other delicate fabrics
    Along with silk underwear and bras, you should also avoid drying any other stockings or lingerie.

It is almost impossible to repair such damage. The materials may also catch on something and create a hole.

  1. Suede, leather and fake leather

These materials will shrink and even crack if you put them in the dryer. Fur, real or fake, is also affected by heat.

  1. Wool
    Wool garments require extra care when drying. Check the tag on your wool clothing to determine if it is approved to tumble dry. The heat from the dryer may shrink the yarn if it’s not approved. It’s better to choose a dryer which is Woolmark Approved, even if the item can be dried. For Integrated Tumble Dryers, visit https://www.wellingtonshomeelectrical.co.uk/laundry/tumble-dryers/integrated.html

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  1. Clothing with beads, sequins or other glue-on components
    These embellishments can make a garment stand out, but many of them have been glued onto the item. The high temperature in a dryer can dissolve glue, causing these embellishments to fall off. This can ruin sequined garments or other decorated clothes, but it could also cause damage to any other clothing in the dryer.

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