Three Ways to Protect Your House From Burglars This Winter

When the nights start to get longer and darker, homes in the UK can be more at risk of burglaries. Winter is a common time for burglaries, partly because it is easier for burglars to commit the crime without being seen and also because many people spend time away from home at Christmas.

Now is the time to start making sure that your home is as secure as possible…

Lock Windows and Doors – It sounds obvious but as well as locking doors and windows when you go out you should also make sure that you lock them at night. It is not uncommon for burglars to walk around trying doors and windows to see if they can gain entry easily to a property. If you have locks that are not working properly, now is the time to contact a locksmith and get them repaired.

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Use Cameras – Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your home even when you are not there. Many camera systems link up to your phone so you can watch your house from wherever you are. Contact a professional like this CCTV Gloucester based company to discuss what you need to keep your home safe.

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Make it Look Like Someone is in – Something that many burglars will look out for is signs that you are away from the house. Using timers for lights is a good way to make the house look as if it is occupied at night, and if you are away get a trusted family member or neighbour to do things like park on your drive and collect your post for you.

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