History of TV: Some interesting facts

Since the beginning of the invention of television, television has been a big and important part of our lives. Since 1936, the BBC has been broadcasting almost continuously. Two decades later, most households had a TV set, even if they were unlike what we’re used to today.

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The average UK adult spends almost ten years of their life watching TV. We spend so much of our lives watching television that we ought to know a few things about it. Here are some interesting facts about TV, our favourite comforting pastime, whether we are actively watching or simply enjoy the background noise.

Do you see the world in colour?

Most people dream in colour most of the time, even though they can dream in black and white. Only 5% of people report dreaming in black-and-white. The studies have shown that those who were raised with black-and white TV rather than colour television report having black-and black dreams more frequently. Who would have thought that the TV we watch can impact our dreams!

Invention of TV “bunny ears”

Most of us still use an aerial, even though satellite and cable services are increasingly popular. If you need the services of TV aerial repair Gloucester, visit Steve Unett, a supplier of TV aerial repair Gloucester.  A company like this can assist you with aerial problems and reception issues. Marvin Middlemark of New York invented the “bunny ears”, a set-top antenna that allowed for the reception of more channels. This was a real revolution in 1953.

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The inventor of TV didn’t earn money from it

Philo Farnsworth, who was only a teenager at the time, invented the very first all electric TV set. This paved the way for consumer televisions to be introduced in the 1930s. You would think he became a millionaire, with televisions in every home within a few decades. But that’s not true. Philo, however, was stuck in a never-ending legal battle to keep his patent. He did not make the money that you might expect for inventing such a crucial piece of equipment.

Most watched broadcasts

Top Gear was viewed by 350 million people around the globe in 2011, but the most watched broadcast is the funeral for Princess Diana. This was followed by the wedding of William and Kate. The 2011 Royal Wedding was the most watched broadcast using modern tracking methods.

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