How to become a musician? Take these great tips

How to become a musician

As Nietzsche said, “life without music would be a mistake”. Let them tell you, that you were born whistling and with a guitar under your arm. You love the score above all things. Of course, you do not know how to interpret it. But you still have time to sign up for one of the music schools in your city. There you will soak up the necessary lessons, to which you must add the ones we propose below. Discover how to become a musician and start to eat the world!

How to become a musician

How to become a musician: Take the guitar course

1. It is not enough to be self-taught: go to classes

Much of the musical talent is a gift, but another great part comes from the training we receive.

Yes, we recognize it, you have a gift. Of course, in this universe innate aptitudes are not enough. A good song is not an amalgam without explanation of sounds. That is, music also has a technical aspect that gives meaning to the work. So, if you still do not know what a semifuse is, surround yourself with the best teachers and learn to draw the treble clef!

How to become a musician

2. Choose instrument

Do not choose only the typical instruments that everyone takes, within the great family of music there is a variety to choose from.

Are you determined to know how to become a musician? Well focus your goal. The piano? Battery? A guitar course? Specialize in the instrument that best defines you. Do you like jazz? Then go for the trumpet. What do you prefer country? Your ideal partner will be the banjo. If you feel identified with your work tool, it will be much easier to squeeze your skills to the fullest.

3. Take paper and pencil and create!

There are many people who have a real gift for music and in addition to playing different instruments they also make up pieces.

Excellence is not only achieved by handling the strings of that guitar like nobody else. Every good musician must also be a good composer. Do not give up on the effort. Very few raw operas get the outstanding. The important thing is to start; there will be time to debug those dubious letters in the successful career that lies ahead. What artist does not regret at some point of his first theme?

How to become a musician

How to become a musician: Learn to sing and get bowling

4. Dare with the microphone

Besides playing your fetish instrument; you can break the fear of singing in public and teach the world your voice.

Arrojo and bravery in large doses. In the recipe to be a great musician these components also appear. So stop hiding in the four strings of the bass and assume the role once. Yes, perhaps your voice is not particularly pleasant to listen to, but the vocal cords are also educated. And a special and different voice is always welcome to the market. Think about it if you really want to be a musician!

5. Bet on originality

Our memory stays with those groups or bizarre singers, although they are not to our liking. Skip normality and people will remember you.

If there is an indispensable ingredient in the list of qualities that a person dedicated to this precious office must have, that is the charism. Better than about not missing, like the olive oil in the salad. Risk, without becoming a grotesque, and let your imagination flow. Originality always makes a difference in all aspects of life. So keep trying to know how to become a musician of this kind.

6. Experiment and listen to a lot of music

Are you a rocker? Well, listen to jazz and classical music. Do you prefer pop? Then go to the trap. The more genders your ears encompass, the better. This will help you develop the ear, something essential in your goal. Who knows? Maybe you start to compose a folk theme…

How to become a musician

7. Form a band and look for opportunities

Join your talent to others who pursue your dream. Better in family than alone, right? This circumstance will not only help you improve, but also multiply the chances of getting bowling. And, at the beginning of this hard journey, it is oneself who must look for the beans. It is clear that the fact that the bass cousin of your band rules a concert venue helps.

There is nothing more fun and beautiful than sharing talent and love for music with your friends. That should be the main reason why you form a group.

8. Assume that there will be pitfalls

These first contacts with the stage will put you on notice of the stones that you will find along the way. Here we are discussing how to become a musician. There is no doubt, we are talking about a profession in which you have to fight daily and continually overcome the disappointments. Surely, criticism will affect you at some point and stress and stage fright will take over at other times.

If you really work for what you want every day, you can get to see you uploaded to the stage.

But one thing must be clear:  the glory is not measured by the records sold or tickets sold at a concert. When someone gives his life to music, his happiness focuses on the creation itself and the feelings it can cause in others. And with there being a person who you calm down with your compositions, it will have been worth it.

Now you know how to become a musician. Only your friends are missing to accompany you in this adventure, so run to explain this list of recommendations! Go to classes, choose your instrument, your van model, and walk the road to teach the world your compositions!

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