Quick knits to try this Christmas

So, you’re ready to knit Christmas gifts for your friends and family, but not sure what to create? Even with the thousands of patterns and ideas available online, it can be a difficult choice. As Christmas gets closer, some patterns will be too lengthy to complete in time. Here are a few ideas for some quick projects if time is running out.
Gadget warmers

Knitted pockets for a phone or tablet are a great, light-hearted gift. Why not take it further with wine glass warmers (fitted around the bowl) or wine bottle warmers complete with a Santa hat to cover the top? The simple shapes for these fun presents are quick to create.

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Miniature stuffed toys

Whether it’s animals, gnomes, penguins or Santa’s elves, it’s possible to build up quite the collection once you get into the swing of it. And who knows, you might even start a family Christmas tradition of including them as gifts every year.

Knitted clothing

Mittens and hats are quick to produce and are welcome gifts during the winter months. Alternatively, why not knit a winter sweater for your loved one’s pet – its straightforward design is quicker to produce than a sweater for a human being.

A knitting kit

Why should you do all the knitting? Since the pandemic, more people have taken up the craft, according to this article on the BBC. Interest in knitting is continuing to increase, supported by strong digital communities, artisan businesses and online outlets like www.woolcouturecompany.com that supply not just the knitting pattern but the wool and knitting needles to go with it.

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Why not buy a knitting kit and encourage your loved ones to give knitting a go? It could become the Christmas present that carries on giving.

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