Shyness: How to overcome during an interview

Overcome shyness in inverview

Do you have to hold an interview shortly? Not sure you have enough chance of success? And you cannot even overcome that annoying worry that other candidates, or better, other people with a more extroverted character than yours, could have the best?

As published in “Psychology Today”: “The shy are people who get tired of being with other people and recharging when they are alone. Their behavior is very often misunderstood as a synonym of insecurity … but many of them would easily socialize. But they prefer not to do it. In fact, a shy person could also be more empathetic and open to the outside world than it may seem.”

Starting from this concept, I certainly do not want to worry about the upcoming interview, which you see as a very stressful moment. On the contrary, I would like to reassure you that there is no reason why you cannot record a really brilliant performance with your selector. Especially if you know how to use to your advantage the qualities that shyness entails.

Be prepared for questions

As with any interview, it is important to respond promptly to the questions you are asked, but this may seem quite difficult for the timid. Why? Because a person closed in on itself could take too long to replicate. It’s true that it is not even right to give too rash answers and without having thought about it, but in your case you risk leaving too much space to silence and appear ill prepared or disinterested.

You can minimize the risk of putting yourself in an embarrassing situation by looking for the typical questions in an interview and thinking about how to best respond. You can also ask to take some time before answering, especially if it is about issues for which you do not feel safe. Phrases like: “I can have a moment to think about it” or “Good question, I need a second to think of an equally good answer will help you in these situations.

Overcome shyness in inverview

Demonstrate your skills during the interview

It is widely recognized that the set of different personality types creates a dynamic and enlightened work group. But maybe you would like to know what a shy person like you could offer? I have been very knowledgeable about it in the last period and, reflecting on it and also based on my work experience in Recruitment, I deduced that these are the skills that an introverted person can make to a business …

1. Create relationships

One could imagine that a shy person has no social relations. Instead you are a person who can establish many interpersonal relationships, only that you have a special way of doing it. Nancy Ancowitz, author of the book “Self Promotion for Introverts” explains that: “A shy person has a higher capacity to listen rather than to speak”. Ancowitz explains how introverted people are often able to listen very carefully and use their observations to build strong and lasting relationships.

Although the fact of not being too prone to dialogue may appear to be a disadvantage during an interview, you can use it as an opportunity to hear well what your interlocutor is saying, referring to it in your answer and adding any considerations about it. An interview is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate this quality and all the benefits that a good listener can bring to a company.

It sounds like a sentence, but really sometimes acting is more important than talking – and you only have one chance to make a good impression at the first cognitive interview. Therefore during the meeting you are also attentive to how you use body language: it can make you appear differently in the eyes of your selector. A beautiful smile, a vigorous handshake, looking into the eyes, who speaks to you and allow your personality to shine will surely result in a great start. Even if you’re shaking, try to transmit security in yourself to present yourself at best.

2. Self-improvement

As mentioned above, a good listener is a much more open and willing person to receive feedback than other people. Jenn Granneman, author of “The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World” explains how timid by nature they spend more time reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses. This intention to improve and make things even better is something that a company appreciates in an employee. Therefore, during the interview, he talks about the moments in which you were able to incorporate feedback in the right way and how you managed to put them into practice in your work, bringing an advantage also for the same company. You will make a nice impression to the breeder.

Even if this time you will not be selected for this job opportunity, remember to ask for a feeedback to your selector, and also directions to improve. You never know – maybe this job would not be suitable for you, but if you have made a good impression your interlocutor could open another professional opportunity in the future for which you will be taken into account, and especially if you have shown desire to listen to the tips to perfect your performance. Do not be discouraged from being discarded. Keep in touch with your Recruiter, because you could meet him again one day.

3. Efficiency

Granneman also points out that introverts are not people who speak without saying something really important or focusing on futile gossip. They are simply not time wasters. Interacting with other people can be terribly tiring and weigh on the level of productivity, and this is why a shy person tries to make every single interaction profitable. Often these people give precise goals for each meeting and spend time thinking about what has been discussed, also finding an excuse for spending time and energy. The same approach can easily be applied to the talks. Plan what you want to communicate, do your research and think about the goal you want to achieve.

4. A creative person

You do not have to be an exaggeratedly exuberant person to get noticed. As Susan Cain, author of “The Power of Introverts in a World That Cannot Stop Talking: “There is no correlation between being a good talker and having the best ideas.”

The punctual attention of an introverted person reflects the ability to absorb what is around him, capturing those small details that other subjects could leave out. And so this allows them to base their thoughts on very precise observations. For those like you who are shy, therefore, ideas are present in qualitative rather than quantitative terms. Can you remember a past professional experience in which you have promoted an idea of success that was then implemented in the company? This is a very common question during an interview, and just prepare a good response in advance to make a good impression.

5. Strongly motivated

A shy person is usually very motivated and takes full advantage of their energies without needing to receive help from others. Many celebrities who have succeeded in the world, from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, are recognized as introvert people.

During an interview, you do not have to explicitly say that you are shy, but it is important to emphasize the great motivation you have inside, the dedication and attention you bring to the workplace, by providing examples of successful projects carried out without any mistakes. You expect to receive a real and honest description of the company you are meeting, which in the same way wants to have a clear idea of its potential next employee. It is therefore essential to remain oneself during the interview, but also to bring out those characteristics that make you unique, as an introverted person.

Be proud of your personality, make it transparent and you will not have any difficulty in leaving a good impression in the mind of your interlocutor.

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