Why should video be a part of your marketing strategy?

While traditional marketing still has its place, the use of video is a growing trend, and it is even predicted to surpass traditional print and televisual media outlets. When you consider that YouTube is now being used as the second largest search engine next to Google, it is clear that. Video promotion was just a second thought but now it should start to be considered as a serious player and outlet for your marketing content. Let’s look at what is involved in the benefits of the video marketing plan.

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  1. Better reach and a diverse market to get better search engine optimisation. Everyone wants to be at the top of the first page of a Google search, and if it’s done well, the chances of this happening for your company can be significantly improved. Find advice on how a Brand Strategy Agency can help you with this by visiting www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/specialist-services/brand-strategy-agency
  2. You will grab the attention of a potential buyer or prospect. There is a battle raging for customers’ attention, and with such competition, you need to wrestle it away from your competitors. A fantastic video can be the best way to achieve this.
  3. Sharing the content. If you have something people like and you grab their attention, they are more likely to spread it on social media. Get that video right, and they will do your distribution for you. Get the initial engagement, and more will follow.
  4. Who reads now anyway? Who has the time? Your written content requires investment by the customer, but a video will give it to them direct and easily digestible. It is also true of retention rates, as people watching tend to stick around until the end of the video. If they are reading it, then they can become bored or distracted. Remember that people retain the spoken word much more than the written one and humans are highly visual creatures.
  5. It is cost-effective and surprisingly easy and quick to make. It also can ease accessibility as it is right there in the face of the prospects.

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Ignoring the concept of video marketing could be to your detriment. Research shows that people relate quicker to a video as they can connect to the person presenting it or the voiceover if it’s animation. They’re more likely to comment and share, which means more conversions to your product or service.

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