How to make a dossier to present a project

make a dossier

On more than one occasion you have surely found the need to know how to make a dossier to present a project and therefore in this article, we will explain everything you need to create this document that has great importance in different areas.

A dossier should be able to transmit and present the most important of a project, showing at all times maximum professionalism and seriousness, making the recipient of the same can read the document and feel greater confidence in it.

Previous advice when making a dossier

make a dossier

Before teaching you how to do a dossier to present a project step by step, we believe that you should know a series of aspects and considerations that can make the difference of your project with respect to the rest and that are basic:

First of all, you should consider that the dossier should be designed to surprise a single person and not a totality of them. If you know the person to whom it is going to be directed, it is important to try to personalize the dossier so that it has the greatest possible impact on that person.

As for its maximum length, it is recommended that it does not exceed 8 pages in DIN A4 and it must have a suitable structure and that we will explain in the next section. The texts must be clear and concise and write neither more nor less. And must be compelling texts that go to the point.

The texts must be accompanied by images, some photographs that must be excellent and show professionalism, as well as including in the dossier relevant information such as significant brands such as number of sales, impact on leads, number of attendees … or any other information that is important within of the framework of the project to be carried out.

Throughout the dossier you must have a direct and clear language, providing information that is of interest and has relevance as infographics, graphs or diagrams.

Steps to follow to make a dossier for the presentation of a project

Already teaching you how to make a dossier to present a project we must start by opening a blank document in a PowerPoint, word processor or even Photoshop or Indesign, or similar programs, since the design counts a lot in a dossier and it is important to work in the aspect to generate a greater impact and capture the attention of the recipient.

If possible and you have the necessary knowledge to do this, prepare the design by placing background images, such as a watermark, and other elements, although you should not overload the dossier and, in case of doubt, opt for sobriety and focus on designing typography and titles. Post images but in a moderate way.

Then, already entering fully into the development of the dossier we must place on the first sheet the title of the same and the second a synopsis. Arrived at the third page is where a long text should be placed, where we explained in detail what the project consists of.

In the following pages is where the project will be developed, indicating different aspects depending on the type of dossier and its purpose, indicating everything that is relevant within the project and the aspects that should be known by who receives it.

Once the development of the project is finished, it is time to place the biography of who directs the project and of any other person that is relevant to it.

In the next page, you should put the technical file of the project and in the final sheet will be placed all the contact data, such as the name, the position you perform in the project, your email address, phone number, website and even your social networks

Pay attention to the design

In any case, remember that although you already know how to make a dossier to present a project, with its due structure and information to be included, you must pay special attention to the design, since regardless of whether it is corporate or business, a good image in the It will help you to reinforce your image and increase the credibility of your business.

From the point of view of the design remember that it is important to choose a typeface that is perfectly legible and that is consistent with your brand, distributing well the content in blocks or paragraphs, which must be properly aligned and placed.

You should also create an appropriate color palette, preferably being similar to your brand and the type of audience they are intended for. Use the spaces between lines to give air to the design and make the reading by the recipient much more pleasant.

You can change letter sizes and use bold and colored texts to highlight those ideas or data that you want and that you think are important for who is receiving the dossier you have prepared.

Similarly, all sections or topics that are part of the content of your dossier should be clearly differentiated and that can be clear from the first glance.

When submitting the dossier it is always preferable to hand deliver it in paper format, with a quality paper and properly bound, because in the touch of the dossier you can see the professionalism and the care to take care of even the smallest detail, which will help you when it comes to showing your project. However, you can also provide an online version or send it by email if the recipient prefers it so that it can be viewed on the different mobile or desktop devices.

In this way, you already know how to make a dossier to present a project, regardless of the type that it is, a document in which much importance must be given to all the content included in it as well as to its design, both being necessary to achieve that. This is attractive and effective for our customers.

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