Job interview: 6 useful tips to “impress”

Job interview

Relating for the first time with a person you do not know well can bring agitation, especially if it is an appointment or a job interview, very similar events that touch two different spheres of life, both private and working. Analyze the job interview by comparing it with the first appointment. The job interview works in fact just like an appointment: the goal is to make a good impression in a short time and not be overwhelmed by anxiety. At the same time, one must show concern without appearing in a position of psychological inferiority.

1) Take care of the job interview outfit

The first impression is very important, for this reason we must be suited to the situation in which we find ourselves. Better to study the corporate culture to avoid looking overly formal or appearing out of place, or too casual and unprofessional. Likewise, during the first appointment, you must evaluate the program of the meeting and have some information on the person you are dealing with to avoid “gaffes”.

2) Learn to manage job interview anxiety

It is inevitable that during the day of the interview or appointment the anxiety is at the highest levels but it is necessary to correctly channel the stress to be able to use it in one’s favor. Be aware that you are prepared and, if you are unable to master the pressure, breathing control can serve as an ally to help manage the situation.

Job interview

3) Be on time

In neither case is it advisable to start by “wishing”, arriving on time, or even in advance, is a sign of respect and professionalism and will always be appreciated by the interlocutor, whether it is a professional meeting or a personal one.

4) Be sure to tell your professional experience clearly

Courtesy and cordiality are two fundamental points, but at the same time we must remember not to be afraid to say what we think, interviewers appreciate those who know how to take a position and explain their motivations. It is also necessary to try to convey a feeling of reliability and to be able to listen to the interlocutor in order to be able to intervene in the conversation in a pertinent way and show one’s best qualities.

5) Sincerity and spontaneity give value to your professional figure

The most obvious rule for making a good impression is to be yourself, and it is also a way to be at ease. Headhunters are prepared to understand when a person is not spontaneous and seek sincerity in people to be included within companies. As well as in romantic relationships, one of the most sought after qualities in others is precisely sincerity.

6) Share your strengths

Trying to analyze yourself and understand what your strengths and weaknesses may be is essential to be able to use them correctly during an interview or an appointment. Trying to transform what can be deficiencies into elements to work on to improve shows others a high self-awareness and a desire to commit to solving problems. The question about its strengths and weaknesses has a high percentage of probability at an interview, but also on the first date.

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