Ten tips to find job with LinkedIn

find job with LinkedIn

A mine of valuable contacts, which offers hundreds of new work proposals from companies on an international scale every day. More and more people are exploiting the potential of LinkedIn to find a job. To succeed in this mission, the decalogue of experts from the world of work arrives.

What is the employment office of the third millennium? Linkedin obviously. These are the numbers that prove it: if there are 500 million social network users in the world dedicated to professionals.

But how is it possible to succeed in the difficult search for a job in 3.0 mode? Often, unfortunately, the use and purpose of Linkedin are confused with those of other social networks and we end up making an incorrect and far from effective use. To facilitate the task, the experts from FourStars, a job agency and a promoter accredited by the Ministry of Labor, have compiled a set of tips to find work with Linkedin optimizing your profile and taking full advantage of the platform’s potential. According to experts, the first aspect to keep an eye on is that of information relating to “improvised” headhunters and the issue of distance between candidate and headhunter, as well as activating an effective personal branding strategy.

According to the experts, in order to have professional success it is therefore necessary to activate a personal branding strategy, which is defined by working not only on the online presence, but also on the web reputation, through the judgment of other users: a “digital reputation” constituted by the collection of judgments and opinions about the self-image that is communicated on the web. Web reputation therefore constitutes a strategic activity, fundamental not only for companies, but also for anyone who needs to position themselves positively on the labor market, therefore for any candidate who is preparing to start his own professional career. The use of marketing strategies, typical of corporate brands, to promote their professional Web reputation is called personal branding. To make it effective it is necessary to become aware of one’s digital reputation and, as far as possible, identify and remove deleterious contents for one’s image.

find job with LinkedIn

But that is not all. The chances of finding work with Linkedin are constantly increasing: new features have recently been introduced, very useful for promoting yourself with personal branding and defining your own profile. For example, Pulse offers the possibility of publishing content in the form of articles or posts, as if it were a professional blog, an excellent tool for promoting one’s profile, increasing connections and visibility.

Linkedin Learning, on the other hand, is a professional training portal that provides users with specific courses to increase their skills. Linkedin Students, an app for Android and iOS connects students and recent graduates with professionals and potential employers, through an analysis of the skills acquired.

Finally, here is the decalogue with tips for finding work in 2019 thanks to Linkedin …

1) Choose a serious photo and not too much set: You will have to show an image of yourself that is consistent with your personality, without falling too much into the informal, but not even in the formal.

2) Create a professional and complete profile: Follow the suggested directions for the creation of your professional profile and insert, in a detailed way, information regarding your path

3) Working and training.

4) Connect with suitable companies: Connect with companies and people who have an interesting professional profile or are consistent with your research. Search for a link with all the companies that operate in your reference sector, to keep up to date on their activities and limit your field of interest.

5) Look around: Check out the opportunities highlighted in the “Work” section: you will find many job offers in line with your interests, your sector, and your place of residence.

6) Share many contents: Get noticed with new posts, as long as they are relevant. In addition to increasing your visibility and the effectiveness of your profile, it will allow you to demonstrate your competence and interest in an industry.

7) Actively take part in the discussion groups: Choose carefully the groups where you talk about topics you know well or about the skills you have. Thanks to your participation in the groups, you can stay constantly updated and increase your knowledge.

8) If you do not exist, crealo: If you are interested in a specific topic, but there is no group that discusses it, you can even create one and become its protagonist.

9) Mission confirm skills: Always try to obtain confirmation of your skills from other users, it is essential to improve web reputation.

10) Always update your profile: To arouse the interest of others and expand your network of professional contacts, you must show yourself always up to date.

11) Find interesting contents to share: Search for interesting content to publish to show those who are “observing” that you are always up to date and don’t miss the latest trends.

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