Five tips for a timeless kitchen

Looking to create a beautifully stylish, timeless kitchen without entirely renovating it? Try these tips for an instant upgrade.
1. Switch your countertops

If you have cheap composite countertops, try adding a real quartz countertop for a long-lasting and beautiful finish that whispers luxury. There are a huge number of different quartzes and plenty of variety to choose from, and this look will really elevate your kitchen.

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  1. Invest in a stainless steel range

    Stainless steel range hoods are desirable and look very smart, creating a cohesive aesthetic where stainless steel appliances are already in place.

    3. Update your lighting

    There’s a real trend for layered lights that create rich, tonal and complex lighting for a soft and beautiful finish – no more harsh halogen lights. For example, try adding under cabinet lights that will brighten the corners of your kitchen. Or, why not add a chandelier or pendant over a kitchen island? This will layer up lighting for tasks and for a warm environment.

    4. Use subway tiles

    These are cost-effective and look great, and they add elegance to any kitchen space, working particularly well as backsplashes. Just make sure that the shade and tone you use match the tones in your kitchen design, particularly where there are white shades. Kitchen refurbishment specialists such as are often asked to install these tiles.

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  1. Add a farmhouse sink

    Every kitchen looks great with a farmhouse sink, even a modern one. These deep basin sinks are highly functional and look wonderful too, and they definitely enhance the appeal of your kitchen. These are an easy style upgrade which won’t break the bank or require extensive kitchen upgrades.

    Try these easy style refreshes for a beautiful kitchen that will be as functional as it is desirable.

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