10 winning strategies to get a promotion

get a promotion

Some experts in the field of working career claim that when you start a new job you should start planning your next job. And actually you should do it! It is sufficient to make sure that you focus on the job for which you have been hired, so as to be successful and get a promotion on your current job position before looking for a new opportunity.

Promotions are not a certainty. At one time, workers made well-defined career paths. Currently factors such as technology, globalization and rigid corporate structures have changed the parameters of the past. Today employees have the task of creating and managing their own career paths by working in one or more companies. And remember that a promotion is not necessarily a path to the top. Sometimes, especially in modern business realities, it may be necessary to make a lateral movement before making one upward at a later time. What are the best strategies for getting a promotion? Try to consider these 10 rules.

get a promotion

1. Develop mentoring relationships

A recent study revealed that in four promotions out of five there was a tutoring relationship between the employee and some higher level corporate figures, which helped to create a positive reputation for the employee. Some companies implement specific tutoring programs, but if your company has not yet set up such plans, it is still possible to establish profitable relationships with corporate figures from the position higher than yours. Furthermore, mentors can be valuable sources of information and career guidance.

2. Quantifying the results

Although promotions are not necessarily based on past performance, and in any case important and a good strategy to get a promotion, provide detailed information on the good results achieved previously. Only those who get results, in fact, go forward. Keep a record with everything you do for the good of the company, entering winning ideas that can put the department in a good light, showing you faithful and always attentive to the needs of the company.

3. Practice self-promotion

We learned from our parents that modesty is a virtue, but when you are looking for a job, if you don’t show your skills you can’t go on. Be a known value. If you have achieved significant results or received awards, make sure that people know about them, especially those who deal with promotions. Sell yourself and make public that you want to get a promotion. A professional of our knowledge implements an infallible strategy to get a promotion: he sends an e-mail monthly to his superiors to keep them updated about the programs on the various projects he deals with, sharing with them the positive results and any awards won during the previous month.

4. Establish a bond with your boss

It might be useful to think of your boss as a border guard. In fact, he represents the person who can raise, lower, block or unblock the gate and thus promote your promotion. Use all the opportunities to make your boss a supporter of your career. Use professional contexts to ask for advice, emphasizing your interest in staying with the company. Ask for an assessment of your performance not only within the scope of your tasks, but try to talk to the boss about potential obstacles on a promotion, trying to understand how to overcome them. Some experts suggest building a relationship with superiors even outside of work, discovering their interests and hobbies,

5. Acquire new knowledge and new skills

It is known that one of the best strategies to get a promotion is to expand the knowledge and skills within the basic areas of the organization. Considering that technology and environmental forces change suddenly, it is necessary to constantly increase their skills, not only to carry out the assigned tasks, but to maintain a solid position on the labor market.

Experts also argue that employees who wish to make a career should not limit themselves to keeping up to date on situations concerning their field of expertise, but pay attention to the latest trends and events outside their professional sphere.

6. Create your network

More people know you and are aware of your strengths, your skills, your value and your ambitions, the more likely your name will be present at the right time. An additional advantage of network construction is that you get much more information about the company if you interact with employees from other areas of the organization. Here you can get more information on the importance of the network.

7. Ask for more responsibility

Another good strategy to get a promotion is to be available to help other departments or groups, or simply ask for more responsibility: this increases your consideration within the company. Asking for more tasks shows your interest and your desire to help the department and the company to achieve the set results, just like placing a spotlight on your qualities.

8. Act professionally at all times

In order to be considered reliable, professional and collaborative. Act and play your role.

Dress in a professional and orderly manner, even on occasions when special clothing is not required. Feel free to ask questions when you’re not sure how to act. Have the courage to differentiate yourself, distinguishing yourself from the choir. Keep a positive attitude about things, even in complicated situations. Do not complain, do not grieve and do not blame others when things are not going as you would like. Make a name in your industry through lectures, articles and debates. Offer your availability even beyond working hours. And finally, be a clever problem solver. Don’t present complicated situations to your boss. In case of difficulty, try to identify at least one possible solution to deal with the situation, before seeking the help of your superior. Those who complain,

9. Be a team player

Most of the work currently takes place within teams, groups and inter-functional teams, so it is essential to share successes with your team and avoid pointing fingers at colleagues when things are not going right. By practicing teamwork, you will improve your reputation and increase the value of the company, putting in place an excellent strategy to get a promotion.

10. Create your opportunities

After understanding the needs of the company and launching the challenges to be pursued on behalf of the company, if you notice a neglected area for which you believe you have the right skills, you would do well to propose a change of position. And if the company disagrees with the request, you will still have demonstrated your spirit of initiative, your creativity and the desire to grow the company, an excellent strategy to get a promotion.

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