8 podcasts to learn more about entrepreneurship development

entrepreneurship development

You have certainly heard about podcasts, but will it be that you know exactly what they are and how can they help you on entrepreneurship development? A podcast is nothing more than a radio-style talk about a certain topic.

Are you interested and want to know more about this topic?

Keep read on to know some podcasts that we offer you in this post, as well as briefly understand the advantages of this content format. Who knows, you are encouraged to create your podcast!

Is the podcast really a trend?

Despite being a relatively new format, we can already consider it a trend for the coming years. And if we think about the relatively low creation of podcasts, it becomes a huge area that you can explore.

See how the growth of this segment is increasingly visible:

In the month of March 2019, the last study The Infinite Dial 2019 was published in English. This study shows the latest trends in podcasts and, besides that, offers interesting comparisons with data on the use of social networks, for example.

In this research, data such as socioeconomic profile, consumption habits, preference interests and relationship with brands and public of the people who have the habit of listening to podcasts were collected.

Although the number of listeners is still not as high, compared to other types of content, this year 50% of the surveyed population has already listened to a podcast and almost half of the total population listens to podcasts at home and in the car.

This shows that the public is not only beginning to enjoy the content since it spends a special time to consume it. Even some studies have shown that it is a powerful educational tool when transmitting knowledge and teaching languages.

Smartphones are the preferred devices to listen to podcasts and regularity can become daily. And it’s not surprising since podcasts are easy to consume and download contents and can be listened to while people do other things, like working, cleaning, driving.

With such great potential, the podcast has caught the attention of content producers looking for other ways to connect with their audience and keep them engaged.

Why is the podcast so advantageous for entrepreneurship development?

entrepreneurship development

In addition to the main advantage of maintaining a committed audience, there are some other reasons that make the podcast an advantageous content format for those who work on the Internet.

Easy access

The first one is: the podcast is accessible!

You make your content available on the platform and the user can download it on his mobile phone or on his computer or listen to it online, for example on Spotify.

That is, your audience listens to you at the time you want using the Internet or not.

Freedom to do other tasks

Another advantage is the listener can do other activities while listening to a podcast.

The media that ask for reading, such as texts or even videos are optimal strategies to attract your audience, but they ask for almost exclusive attention.

By creating a podcast for your audience you can practice entrepreneurship development by allowing them to listen to your content while they are working, doing homework, driving, doing physical activities, among other tasks.

Simplicity of creation

Being a broad medium, you can produce quality content in a simple way.

To do this, it is enough to have a place away from noise like cars and other people talking, a recorder and of course, a good microphone to capture the audio.

Customer loyalty

We have already talked about this in this post, but it is always good to remember: quality material always loyalty to an audience that is formed by potential customers for your business.

In addition to adding value to your content, the podcast helps humanize your brand, becoming a more personal and direct communication channel with your audience.

Outstanding potential

And speaking of the public, you can conquer it with a format that your competitors still do not offer.

As we said earlier, podcasts have a very broad field of action, but it is still little known by the great mass on the Internet, being reduced to very specific niches.

Therefore, if you start already to produce them, you will always arrive first than your competition.

Now that we are talking about the advantages for those who bet on this tool, you need to know more about this universe.

We select 8 podcasts that can help you on entrepreneurship development:

1- TED Podcast

Many people already know this channel, one of the monsters in regards to the dissemination of knowledge.

This platform began by sharing lectures and lectures in English on different topics, among them science, spirituality, music and my favorite ones, the inspiring life stories.

2- Life Entrepreneur

This is a proposal of particular content, because it is done in the form of an interview. Roberto Ibarra brings us the best entrepreneurs and from different niches.

This way nobody has excuses. If you need inspiration and know how best entrepreneurs overcome obstacles to success, these podcasts of Life Entrepreneur can help.

3- Forbes

Forbes is another of the greatest when it comes to publicizing the latest in the world of business, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

Like many other proposals, they decided to put their materials in podcast form and make them more accessible.

Forbes brings you a varied proposal, but this time I want to suggest the topic of startup and entrepreneurship development. They really made an effort in that sense worthy of being appreciated.

4- Business School

The Business School is an audio proposal that you can listen to at all times. It makes you reflect on important points in life that can help you take the step forward towards entrepreneurship.

Many people believe that businesses start selling and in an office with many people working at the same time, others know that things are not like that, that everything starts small.

But it is always difficult to take the decisive step. Maybe a personal work on fears and insecurities helps before embarking on a path without turning back.

5- Agora news

This podcast proposal focuses mostly on communication strategies both in social networks and in the different aspects of marketing.

Clearly flows a vein of digital journalism in Agora News that can feed the communication strategies of every entrepreneur so you can better connect with your followers and potential customers.

The more engagement or commitment of people with what you offer, the more likely they will acquire your product, right?

6- The Online Marketing Podcast

Well yes, as the name implies, this podcast will keep you up to date with the trends and news of the digital marketing world.

Logically, those who are thinking about undertaking in the digital world cannot discard this knowledge!

The Online Marketing Podcast discusses topics such as copy, pricing, finances and some tips for the business organization.

7- The SEO machine

On marketing strategies, this podcast leaves nothing to be desired. Especially in regards to SEO strategies.

All those who decide to take their business proposal to the web (let’s be clear if a business does not exist on the web, I do not know if it wants to exist), you can pay attention to these tips of The SEO machine.

These strategies are very important and as they change so much, it is essential to know how to optimize the contents so that they are easily found in Google.

8- The Online Marketing Academy

I do not know if selling is an art or not, but I know that it can be learned and that each context supposes different strategies.

The Academy of Online Marketing offers you knowledge from the most basic to the most advanced.

It really works as a curator of knowledge about digital marketing and in this time when these proposals abound, a curatorship is always welcome.

Bonus: Technology and Trading

One thing is technology, which also advances enormously in the blink of an eye. Another thing is the finances that do not stop offering indices and different criteria to understand the economy and how to earn more money.

Together the two and you will have Technology and Trading, a podcast that will help you understand the world of finance next to the world of technology. For those who think about scalability, profitability and investment, a little bit about this podcast is never the case.

Everything ready for you to make your own podcast?

Internet is full of options for all those who want to invest in this segment that has already reached so many people.

We could list other good podcast tips of varied topics that help to understand this universe, such as those that focus on virtual businesses.

However, we chose those 8 podcasts to encourage you to take that break on entrepreneurship development and get familiar with this content format.

The important thing, besides paying attention to all these tips, is that you do not waste time and start thinking about distributing your knowledge by these means, because it will be a very strong reality in the coming years and will help you to vary your content and attract even more to your audience.

We are sure, after knowing better the context of the podcasts that you will want to start creating yours.

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