7 online training tools you should know to make money in the internet

online training tools

If you already have or want to create an online course, you probably know that online training tools are essential to help you have better content.

Do you know the best tools available in the online?

Many times we spend more time thinking about the essential resources to put our material on the air than really taking the time to prepare everything we teach.

If you are going through this period, we came to show you that it is not necessary to waste a lot of time with that.

For this post, we chose the 7 main online training tools available in the market and we also explain how they work.

Discover the differentials of each of them and how they can help you sell more, attract new customers and create authority in the market.

You will know the best tools that available in the online:

online training tools

1. Canva

Canva is a free tool for the development of graphic design pieces.

You should already know that design is essential not only to make your online course or ebook more attractive, but also to give a visual identity to your material.

If you are a Producer, but you do not have many skills in the design area, the Canva is one of the online training tools recommended for you.

With this tool, it is possible to create from posts for the main social networks, to advertising materials for dissemination and infographics, all in a very practical way.

The powerful drag-and-drop editor makes it much easier to use this tool. One of the differentials of this platform is that even less experienced users manage to manipulate all resources with ease.

To make the creative experience even more interesting, the Canva offers thousands of free images, free of copyright, that can be used in the making of your pieces.

The distribution of the tools within the platform is very interesting. It is possible to find base images for specific posts for Facebook and Instagram, for example.

Many people do not know, but the recommended dimensions for the images are different in each of the social networks.

With the Canva, that is not a concern, since the standard images were already designed to fit perfectly well into the desired social network. Just choose a matrix and start editing.

In addition to the available images, users can upload their own content, generating even more creative possibilities.

There is a huge variety of fonts, drawings and effects that can be used to make graphic pieces even more attractive.

In case you want, you can also pay for premium images and professional resources.

online training tools

2. SlideShare

The SlideShare is a platform for dissemination of content launched in the market in 2006.

The website works with the slide format, allowing users to create presentations and offer them directly on the platform.

Users can open the material and pass the slides, one by one. They can even be seen in full screen.

SlideShare is very interesting online training tools for those who need to make presentations for an audience, either face-to-face or online, as well as offering extra materials, such as slides to fix content.

online training tools

3. Live broadcast

The sale of online courses requires the constant presence of digital Producer in social media. The better known is the professional, the greater his public and, consequently, the greater the financial result obtained with the sale of courses and training.

Doing lives in social networks is an excellent way to maintain contact and proximity with the public. These can be displayed on Facebook or even on YouTube.

The Producer can exploit this online training tool to give general suggestions, offer free classes on specific topics, interact with the students and even to relax the environment, attract the sympathy of the clients and improve the learning experience.

4. Tool for landing page

The sales pages, also known as landing pages, focus on conversion, that is, on selling your digital product.

They are fundamental online training tools, since it is from them that your audience will know what you have to offer.

Despite this, many people have difficulties when creating a landing page. Therefore, it is important to have tools that do this work for you.

The landing page formats vary, but usually have some basic elements, such as:

  • Descriptive text of the product,
  • Presentation video,
  • Evaluations of previous clients,
  • Call buttons (CTA), for visitors to make the purchase.

To sell more, it is essential to have a well-constructed and optimized sales page.

The potential customer has to be convinced, gradually, from the beginning to the end of the page, until he performs an action, such as making a purchase or downloading an ebook, for example.

There are several online tools to create customized landing pages, which simplify the development process of your sales page.

To know more about the subject, we selected a post with 11 examples of tools that can be used.

online training tools

5. Payment system

In the previous topic, we talked about the importance of having a well-constructed sales page.

Meanwhile, to sell the courses, an efficient, safe and intelligent payment system is essential.

The payment system is one of the necessary online tools for the good relationship between customers and Producers. At the end of the day, financial transactions must be carried out with the highest level of security and reliability.

There are many payment systems available in the market. The Hotmart Producers, for example, have an exclusive system, the HotPay, which has already been commissioned to make viable more than 13 million financial transactions around the world.

Besides the ease of being able to sell to all corners of the planet, the HotPay allows the withdrawal of commissions in local currency, which represents a great advantage for Producers that are in other parts of the world.

Then, when choosing your payment system, make sure you have all the necessary resources so that you can sell more, always thinking about the safety of your client.

6. EAD platform

Do you produce digital content on video and have not registered on any EAD platform?

These platforms present a series of resources that help from disclosure to the sale and provision of products.

The EAD platforms are the channels responsible for contact between teachers and students.

It is one of the most suitable online training tools for professionals who want to teach distance, offering exclusive content for people from any region of the country or the world.

For producers who choose Hotmart, we have the Hotmart Club, a platform that combines an intuitive learning environment, an adaptable and responsive interface, and several other tools to organize, sell and distribute your online course.

7. Monitoring tools

Since we are talking about online training tools, it is impossible not to mention the monitoring systems.

It is not always easy to be aware of the results obtained in all the dissemination channels you use. That’s why monitoring tools are essential.

These offer precise metrics, which help the Producers to evaluate the efficiency of the adopted strategies.

One of the best known tools is Google Analytics , with which you can verify how many times a page was accessed, the time the user stays on each page, the number of online users in real time and much more.

However, that is not the only monitoring tool in the market.

Hotmart Producers can count on several exclusive tools that help closely monitor business metrics.

With Hotmart Analytics, for example, you can access the graphs and segmentations that show which strategies work best for your digital product.

8. Bonus suggestion: Affiliate Program

If your goal is to sell the online training tools for a large number of people and get incredible results, we have an extra suggestion of an online tool.

This is the Affiliate Program, one of the most efficient ways to disclose and sell your content even for people you never thought of reaching.

With this program, the Producers offer part of the profits obtained from the sale of the products to the Affiliates that disclose and sell those materials.

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