A career in medicine is not for everyone

Choosing a career path is possibly one of the most important decisions of your life. When asked, the majority of Doctors cite ‘making a difference’ as the reason they chose to join the healthcare profession. They can have a big impact on people’s lives and it’s an amazing way to invest skills, passion and intellect, which makes it incredibly rewarding as a result.

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Medicine is an extremely interesting and challenging career, one which offers the chance to work alongside others with similar goals and commitments to the service of others.

There are a whole host of benefits for those choosing to undertake a career in medicine, including:

– The opportunity to work in a wide variety of situations and settings, from the NHS to private healthcare, in the UK or worldwide.
– The chance to specialise in an area of particular interest and to go on to further study and research over the course of your career. Doctors are lifelong learners, constantly adding to their knowledge and skills base.
– Doctors have the chance to work within a collaborative team to deliver a service, in a large variety of different roles and specialties, offering a high degree of flexibility.
– Doctors are in great demand and, as a result, medicine is a secure career path. This is especially the case as needs in healthcare continue to grow and evolve.


As healthcare grows more and more medicine is needed and processes are put into place to make it quicker and more efficient.  Some manufacturers of medicine use Pneumatic conveying systems to move their products from one side of the factory to another through the use of pressured gases and tubes.  These are very interesting to find out about so for more information why not look at sites including www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/.
In order to pursue a career in medicine you will need to be a highly motivated individual, with clear goals and aspirations. Although training can be lengthy and challenging, the long term rewards are great.

Remember that agencies that offer clinical staffing solutions, can be a useful resource for those in the medical profession.


Doctors’ pay varies greatly, depending upon many factors. However, if working within the NHS, Junior Doctors’ basic starting salaries are in the region of £26,350 and Consultants can earn a basic salary of £76,000 to £102,000.

Medical schools recruit only the very best students who are willing to invest fully, not only during the initial training phase, but throughout their careers. They need to be ready to grab opportunities with both hands, be ready and willing to learn and prepared for several years’ worth of training and long hours on the job, especially initially. 

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