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Ever considered a career in pharmacy? Check out the information below to find out more.

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What is it all about?

Pharmacy is a fast growing and exciting area of healthcare. Pharmacists are experts in medicine and work to advise and dispense medication in a variety of different settings, both for the NHS and privately.

Individuals who choose pharmacy as a career make a commitment to improving the lives of those using their services. Through the provision of medication, advice and care, they are able to make a huge contribution to the health of the nation.

As a result, pharmacy is an interesting and worthwhile career, and opportunities within the industry are developing fast. Pharmacists might work in the high street, in GP surgeries, on hospital wards, at universities, in walk-in centres and more.

Companies offer clinical staffing solutions, and may be of interest to those hoping to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Pharmacy offers individuals a whole host of benefits, including:

The chance to work in a range of different environments
The opportunity to work as part of the NHS
The chance to pursue an interest in science
The opportunity to make a difference and to be challenged.

So, if the all of the above excites you, there are many opportunities waiting for you out there.

A Career in Pharmacy

So, what can you expect from a career as a pharmacist? What motivates people to join the industry?

Well, the number one reason people already in the industry give, is the opportunity to help people. Pharmacists are an incredibly important part of the community and will always be in demand, wherever they choose to live and work. As well as jobs in the UK, there are also many career avenues which lead to working abroad too. Pharmaceutical skills and knowledge are in global demand. As a result, the job can be highly varied and interesting.  Some pharmacies offer a delivery service to the door or care home with a selection of vans labelled with their branding.  If your starting in the business it would be good to know about the Fleet Vehicle Tracking device you can have installed to keep track of location and performance.  You can find out more about this at sites like https://www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking/fleet-tracking/.

Exact figures are difficult to advise. However, starting salaries are equivalent to approximately £20,000. Long term, the average salary is £40,000 but may be as much as £73,000, working for agencies such as the Department of Health UK.

As this shows, pharmacists are offered great rates of pay, especially in comparison with many other professions, and job security is excellent.

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