How to educate your children even if you work all day?

How to educate your children

Educating a child may not be an easy task. In this post, we bring you some advice on how to educate your children that will surely be of great help. For many parents, educating their children and working all day is a task that can be quite difficult and exhausting.

Office hours, work issues and day-to-day activities make it harder to educate a child every day; In fact, many parents tend to feel frustrated or guilty for not knowing how to educate their children or for not having enough time to be with them and having to leave their education and care in the hands of third parties.

Do you feel identified with the above? Would you like to learn how to educate your children despite work?

Let’s see, although there are no magic formulas on how to educate a child and be successful at the job at the same time, there are certain basic rules or tips that can be of great help to educate with love and get your child to be happy without you having to abandon your job

So if on more than one occasion you have asked yourself “How to educate my son?”, Continue reading these recommendations.

How to educate your children working all day: 10 tips

1. Spend as much time as possible with them

Spending time with children should be a priority issue for any parent. Unfortunately, the Internet and social networks often cause us to lose most of our time without even realizing it.

So as a first advice, we suggest you consider the time with your children as a matter of priority.

In addition, there are many activities that you surely love and can share with them, such as: watching movies, going for a walk to the park, dancing, doing some sport and charismatic activities, etc.

2. Give them maximum attention when they are together

Spending time with your children is more than just being by their side. Avoid using cell phones or other electronic devices while spending time together. Talk to them, ask them how they have been at school and let them know they can count on you and that you are there to attend them.

Doing homework with them, reading a book or preparing meals together are activities that will help to strengthen the bonds even more.

3. Learn to say “no” and set limits even if you’re not at home

A problem that many parents who work outside the home all day long is their children are rebellious and ignore some rules imposed by their parents during their absence.

It is important that you teach your children that house rules must be met even when you are not there.

Another advice to educate with love is to avoid being too permissive during your absences. Some parents tend to compensate for their absences with complacency for their children and end up doing more harm, as they then begin to develop attitudes of manipulation and reproach.

4. Do not feel guilty about working

Do not feel guilty about having work outside? When you spend quality time with your children and you teach them the value of work, they learn that mom or dad should go to work.

Show them the result of your work and you will see how little by little they will also begin to understand the value of it. For example, you can tell them that thanks to work they can sign up for their sports classes, go to the movies, eat pizza on the weekend, etc.

5. Do not take the responsibility of educating other people’s children

For some parents (especially those who work and are absent many hours a week) have some extra help at home, such as a babysitter or someone in the family is great support when raising and caring for children.

However, it is important that you understand that there are certain things (such as values) that only you as a parent are responsible for teaching.

Do not take the responsibility of educating your children to other people. Remember that they are a resource of support, but they can never replace your work as the main responsible.

6. Divide the responsibility with the other person responsible for the child

If you have a partner, dividing education and caring for children is a great way to facilitate parenting. It’s a great way for parents if they really want to know how to educate your children.

If both work, surely they can organize and divide the activities, attend the school events, take them to their sports classes, go for a walk, etc.

7. Do activities with your children when you are at home

As we have already said, a way to spend time with your children and complete housework at the same time is doing activities with them.

If you have to divide your time between housework and children’s education, how about doing some activities together? Ask them to help you organize the laundry and play with them separating the garments by color, cook with them; take them to do grocery shopping and much more.

8. Have leisure time together

In addition to performing compulsory activities, adults can also have fun and do leisure activities with children! You can visit a museum, ride a bike through the park, go to the theater, go on a trip, travel, etc.

9. Listen to your needs and always talk

One of the most common mistakes that certain parents make is not listening to their children and thinking that because they are little they do not have anything important or relevant to say or to say.

Knowing how to educate your children is very important. Get used to of listening to your children, ask them about their needs or preferences and show them that they can count on you.

10. Seek help with the education of children

Seek help from a professional or expert in education for children does not mean that you are a bad father, quite the opposite.

Whenever you can, go to experts in the area to get more advice on how to educate with love and work at the same time. Luckily on the Internet, you find a lot of material on this and in different formats, such as digital books, Youtube channels, forums, blogs, etc.

How to spend more time with the children?

Fulfilling office hours and working from Monday to Friday can be a great limitation for parents who want to spend more time with their children. Luckily, today there are many work options with which you can generate income without leaving home.

If you are interested in knowing how to educate your children, an excellent option may be to spend more time with them!

For example, if your work does not depend on your strict presence in the office, you can consult with your boss the option of working from home.

Also, you have the option to start your own business and become an enterprising parent. The advantages? There are many and then we mention some.

How to educate your children

Advantages of being an entrepreneur father or an enterprising mother

  • You have the opportunity to earn extra money or even live on it.
  • You can spend more time at home and fully enjoy the childhood and each of the stages of your children.
  • You stop meeting strict schedules.
  • You can live off your passions.

Possibilities to undertake

Some entrepreneurial possibilities with which you can generate income and enjoy your children much more are:

Be a digital producer

A digital producer (or infoproductor) is that person or professional who creates a digital product and sells it on the Internet. Surely you have some kind of knowledge or a good idea in hands that may interest someone else, so you can create a digital book, a podcast or sell an online course.

Work as an affiliate

Another option for those parents who want to undertake with the intention of spending more time at home with their children is to work as an affiliate. An affiliate is a professional who discloses the product of third parties in exchange for commissions.

For example, you can create a blog and select products related to topics that you master and recommend them.

Have an ecommerce

An e-commerce or virtual store is an entrepreneurial option that can take more time and investment, but it’s worth it. With an e-commerce you can sell products online and make a profit without having to leave home.

Create a startup

Another way to start and reconcile work and raising your children is to create a startup. With a startup, you can provide services through applications or software.

Work as a digital influencer

A digital influencer is a job similar to that of an affiliate. Being an influencer you can make agreements with brands and companies and receive a payment in exchange for promoting their products.

For example, you can create a blog about maternity issues and recommend products such as: clothing brands for children, food, recreation sites, toys, etc.

Reconciling the raising of your children and work can be a bit complicated work. However, we invite you to take into account these tips and ideas to become an entrepreneur and thus, gain a little more independence with your time.

Do you need more ideas on how to educate your children? In this post we show you 23 work ideas from home about this topic. For sure, that will serve as inspiration to encourage you to have your own business, work from home, spend more time with your children and earn money.

Good luck!

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