How to dress for hot summers

Mens designer Tshirts have been amongst the most popular products this year. EJ Menswear in particular has reported sale increases of their designer t-shirts for up to 6 months. This trend is also expected to occur and increase next year due to the changes in weather. Summers in the UK have become hotter and longer, with more than 1 heatwave per year. One exceptionally well selling item has been white t-shirts in particular. White is a great choice for hot weather as it keeps the person wearing it cool and allows for the styling of many different looks. White matches with many different bottoms and is a timeless look for both men and women. Other recommended items for purchase in the hot summer months would be loose-fitting trousers in cool and comfortable materials such as linen.

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Many customers also opt for wearing different footwear to match the season such as sandals and shoes made of cooler materials. Summer fashion is especially exciting for customers who love to wear bold during prints and bright colours. Floral prints are especially popular for women and are found on thousands of different dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and playsuits. Seasonal accessories such as sunglasses and straw hats are also purchased and worn by many more members of the public.

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